Uxi Mufti

About the Author

Uxi Mufti, a Pakistani folklorist, social scientist and cultural expert of repute. He is the founder of Lok Virsa, The National Heritage Museum, Islamabad- a project that has spanned over forty years of labor of love in detail and sensitivity. His work has been recognized internationally through many national and International awards including the Sitar-e-Imtiaz and the Asia Prize for Culture 2006, Japan. Follow the link below for award citation: http://www.asianmonth.com/prize/english/winner/17_04.html
Mufti took up God -hypothesis as a PhD dissertation in 1969 at Charles University, Prague but on successive intermittent attempts failed over 40 years of search. Finally he has completed the scientific God hypothesis. The book builds on Mumtaz Muftee's best seller "Talash" is originally in English and has been translated by Dr. Najeeba Arif in Urdu for the benefit of Pakistani readers...
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Allah, Measuring the Intangible