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“Allah, Measuring the Intangible”

Scientific and philosophical perspective on the Divine.

Allah in Arabic simply means God, Ishwar, Khuda, El, Elohim, Elahi , Lord, YHWH, Tetragrammaton, Allah has many names. This book provides a popular understanding of the concept of a monotheistic deity from the Eastern Sufi point of view. The work is a sequel to and delves deeper into issues raised by books like “The History of God” by Karen Armstrong and ‘The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins both of which are complete and well received pieces of work. A growing cleavage between science and faith has made many to believe that religion is a mythical twist on scientific facts designed to keep people from knowing the truth. "Thou shall not know..." etc. Some believe that God is a failed scientific hypothesis as science is a genre of knowledge that is measurable and quantifiable and is therefore, controllable, which God is certainly not; this is why this book was written. The work refers to and synthesizes contemporary philosophy and science through an integrative approach. It offers a unique synthesis of humanities and science, reason and faith. It de-constructs quantum mechanics using Eastern Sufi tradition and knowledge. It provides new interpretations to recent findings in quantum physics and explains Eastern Sufi concepts to readers in scientific and secular terms. 'Measuring the Intangible' expounds new philosophies to explain the hitherto unexplained. It refers to and synthesizes the works of great scientists from Copernicus to Charles Darwin, from Freud to Einstein and Socrates to Ibn-e-Arabi to Avero and many outstanding theories in the search for God. This work is of wide-ranging general interest and appeals to a wide audience.


Uxi Mufti’s Allah: Measuring the Intangible is a delight to read, both for its fine prose and for its depth in dealing with the connection between Spirituality and Science. Recognizing the ancient Arabic/Hebrew letters as having a sacred projective as well as a descriptive usage, he shows how our modern physical descriptions of the universe parallel meanings found in the ancient Spiritual texts. I recommend this book for both scientists and followers of all of our Western spiritual traditions of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

Fred Alan Wolf aka Dr. Quantum®
Author of Time-loops and Space-twists: How God Created the Universe
and many other books.

Dr. Ralph W. Hood, Jr. authority on scientific study of religion writes: This is a very useful book to introduce people to a view that avoids the contemporary politicalization and the association of Islamic fundamentalists with terrorism. It is a good overview of various philosophical and scientific options, each of which is identified in terms of its own limits. The ease in which the text can be read is a definite plus and suggests that the author ought to seek a publisher who can give this text a wide audience. The market definitely is greater than merely college students and the book could be quite successful given proper marketing. Our own reading of the text takes seriously the author’s view that without actual experience of something, one cannot really know. So we see this as a mystical approach to Islam, in which only those who experience that which is more inconclusive can understand that which is less inclusive. In this sense, the author persuades the reader that Islam and Allah are realities to be experienced and not fictions to be reductively understood by science, philosophy, or religious studies whose own limitations are both appreciated and recognized.

Dr. Ralph W. Hood, Jr.
Prof in Scientific Study of Religion
Author of over 12 books on the subject

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